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About US

SafeBuy is an Australian owned company which has a vision to build the confidence and trust between a buyer and a seller without spending top dollars. The used car industry has always been larger than the new car industry. However, purchasing a used car is a risky investment.

SafeBuy technicians have been working in the automotive industry for over 10 years. We have experience in dealing with all major car brands in both dealerships and independent workshops.

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Our Objectives

Save you $$ from buying a lemon car


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SafeBuy is endeavouring to make the buying and selling process effortless. Where the buyer will know what they are paying for and the seller will have the confidence with our comprehensive inspection report to sell their cars.

We aim to eliminate the time-consuming process of negotiating and taking the vehicle to the mechanic for an inspection. SafeBuy will do the job for you as we inspect the vehicle on its location.

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