A. It is not necessary for you to be present during the inspection, however you are welcome if you wish. The inspector will be focused on the inspection so he could complete his work in the given time frame. You will receive a phone call after the inspection is completed. You will then receive a comprehensive detailed report via email together with pictures and Scan report.
Inspections could take from 1 to 2 hours depending on the condition of the vehicle and the type of inspection (standard, comprehensive and premium) that you have selected.
Standard over view of general health of a vehicle. Where as, Comprehensive is thorough inspection and Premium inspection is detailed. More info on service page.
Yes, we are mobile inspection service. We visit the car’s location whether it’s a home, work or a dealership.
In most cases a day in advance is adequate but, sometimes it could be the same day depending on the location of the vehicle and availability of seller.
We offer three very affordable inspection services. However, the cost may vary according to the vehicle’s location or any addition to our inspection report.
Diagnostic Scan will scan the problem which is causing the warning sign on the dashboard or instrument cluster by detecting the component of the car which requires attention. We then inform you if the problem requires immediate attention or could be fixed later. We can also arrange repair work for you at our partnered workshops in our premium services.
Yes in our Premium service we covers prestige, sports and luxury and we ensure to detect any body repairs.
  • SafeBuy technicians are qualified mechanics. They have extensive experience in the automotive industry. SafeBuy technicians are also trained to diagnose hybrid and electric cars.
  • Our technicians have the latest technology of tools that maximize the accuracy of the inspection report.
  • Our Techs take pride in their work and aim to work for the benefit of our customers.
  • Last but not least, SafeBuy services are very budget-friendly without compromising on quality.
Yes, all our services consist of the standard with a complete diagnostic scan which will be recorded on a separate sheet on the inspection report. Our diagnostic scan does not just scan the engine, but it covers all the components which are connected to the ECU.
We are confident in our work. Therefore, we offer a refund if you find something wrongly quoted in our report within 30 days of the inspection.
We are specialized in vehicle inspection and do not own any workshop. However, in our premium, inspection service we can refer to our partnered workshop where our customer can avail up to 5% discount on their Roadworthy Certificate or on repairs as a SafeBuy customer.
Dealers prefer an inspection by their own mechanic or local mechanic. In fact, it is rare that a motor dealer will recommend us, because they know the level of our inspection will not do any favors for the seller, our objective is in giving the buyer an accurate report and unbiased opinion.
Yes, all our inspectors are fully insured at the work location and during the road test.
Yes, we inspect classics and recommend premium service for it, weather it is left-hand or right-hand drive or If the car has been converted to right-hand drive, we can tell you if the conversion is good or not, engine and driveline conversions, if the body has been rusted or has not been repaired properly.