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Customer’s impression on SafeBuy Pre-purchase inspection service Part-8  

Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle might be difficult considering the fast-moving world we live in today. Even the most self-assured buyer may question themselves about unreported problems, hidden difficulties, etc before purchasing the vehicle. SafeBuy is a pre-purchase inspection company based in Victoria, whose vital role is to evaluate the vehicle’s condition before the purchase is made by the customers. SafeBuy is one of the top growing companies in the market, whose motive is to provide the best service to the customers and always does. SafeBuy offers three different types of mobile pre-purchase vehicle inspection service in Victoria: Standard, Comprehensive and Premium Inspection. SafeBuy offers a stress-free mind and peace of mind to buyers in Victoria and to the nearby suburbs areas by providing a pre-purchase car inspection service.

Reliability is predominant in the world of pre-purchase vehicle inspections. Customers’ reviews can help determine if an inspection service consistently delivers accurate and dependable results. SafeBuy has the best integrity with the customers, customers come back again and again for the service provided here. SafeBuy has always been providing their best service to their customers and SafeBuy has hundreds of happy and satisfied customers. SafeBuy offers insight into real-world experiences, transparency, reliability, and value for money to the customers. The quality and the service of the company lasts longer in the customer’s heart and here are some reviews from our top customer’s impressions of the SafeBuy Pre-purchase inspection service:

  • “Excellent service. Very comprehensive report. Definitely, worth it.”

  • “Used the comprehensive check every time and caught two owners lying about either the odometer or engine issue. Will recommend to anybody.”

  • “I was super impressed with the service from SafeBuy. The report was emailed promptly and I also received a phone call where I could discuss the report. I gave the report to my mechanic who was super impressed on the extent of the details. Over all I was able to make a decision with confidence.

            Thank you!”


  • “Very satisfied with the service. The comprehensive car inspection was booked for 11am on the weekend, got a very detailed report and a follow-up call by around 2pm. Really helped understand the issues with the vehicle and to negotiate the price down. Well done.”

  • “Such an easy process! Norman kept me informed of what is needed after the inspection and I was sent a report which is very detail outlining everything (exterior, interior & mechanical) Will definitely use them again.”

  • “Fantastic service that saved me thousands- The report was very thorough and comprehensive and highlighted aspects of the car’s condition that I don’t have the knowledge to pick up on. Can’t recommend highly enough!”

SafeBuy provides the cheapest and affordable mobile pre-purchase inspection service in Victoria with 24/7 online booking services customers can book their inspection through the SafeBuy website. The reports provided by SafeBuy come with high accuracy and help the customer to make the purchasing decision. SafeBuy provides fast and quick mobile car inspection and the reports will be provided on the same day after the inspection. 

Hundreds of customers are happy and highly satisfied because SafeBuy provides excellent quality of service. Don’t wait to book your pre-purchase inspection service now!!!